Meet our New MiniMax Spinning Top! See our Maxwell's Dynamical Top posted on Instagram @physicsfun!
Maxwell's Dynamical Top & NEW MiniMax Spinning Top

Maxwell's Dynamical Top & NEW MiniMax Spinning Top

Re-creations of Scientific Instruments and Metal Spinning Tops

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Art, Purpose, Function

Compelling Historical Designs as the Basis of Beautiful Products - this is what drives us to do what we do.

Our first offering is a 1/2 scale reproduction of 19th century Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell's Dynamical Top. Maxwell designed this scientific instrument to demonstrate how astronomical bodies move.

To the right, is the drawing of the dynamical top that appeared in a paper entitled 'On A Dynamical Top' that Maxwell presented to the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1857.

Maxwell's Dynamical Top

Using historical photos and documents, detailed measurements, sophisticated Computer Assisted Design (CAD), and years of skilled fabrication experience has culminated in recreating this important scientific instrument from solid brass and tool steel.

A significant portion of this beautiful instrument is done using manual machining equipment by a skilled artisan.


MiniMax Spinning Top - NEW

We were inspired to continue the success of our Maxwell's Dynamical Top re-creation and wanted a smaller, simplier, and more portable version.

Meet MiniMax. The MiniMax Spinning Top can go with you anywhere and any time. It's like having a little piece of history with you.


See Why We Love Doing What We Do

"I must complement you and your group on not only the fantastic product you have produced but also on the packaging detail you went thru to eliminate the chance of any damage occurring during shipment...a fantastic, fantastic job."

"Just unpacked the top and it's stunning in appearance. Truly beautiful."

"... I just love mine."

"High quality and perfect packaging! Thank you so much!"